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What Are the Benefits of Cement Rendering | Zaks Render Sydney

What Are the Benefits of Cement Rendering

Your house’s facade is the first thing people see. If the exterior walls are decaying, then the overall value will be affected as well, no matter how well designed or high-tech the interior might be. But, with the hot and arid Australian summers and humid winters, your walls become prone to cracking. Cement rendering might be a good solution to keeping your exterior walls looking good and increasing your home’s curb appeal. Let’s take a […]

Can You Cement Render on Old Buildings | Zaks Render Sydney

Cement Render on Old Buildings

Cement render is an increasingly popular addition to housing. With benefits like an increase in aesthetic appeal and protection of the underlying substructure this increase in popularity, more questions are being asked about cement renderings compatibility with different building surfaces. As time moves forward, so does the composition of the building materials used in construction. Over time, there have been many different types of building materials used. Choosing compatible materials when it comes to rendering […]

What type of render should I use? Cement or acrylic? | Zaks Rebder

What type of render should I use? Cement or acrylic?

If you are looking to add some much needed protection to your walls, or if you want to attain a certain aesthetic for your house, you may be wondering what type of rendering material and formula might be best for you: cement or acrylic. Within this article, our team here at Zaks render aim to provide you with some support so you can make an informed decision as to what is right for you!

How to Get a Professional Looking Finish with Cement Rendering | Zaks Render

How to Get a Professional Looking Finish with Cement Rendering

The weather in Australia can be harsh. From scorching heat during the summer to rain and wind during winter, the elements can take a toll on your home’s exterior walls. One way you can protect your house against the elements is by applying a coating that can act like a barrier against the heat, rain, and other weather changes. And, that coat can come in the form of cement render. If you are not new […]

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Can You Cement Render Over Timber

If you’re looking to restore the interior or exterior of your home or property, you may be wondering if it’s possible to add cement rendering over timber. Can you have cement render applied over timber beams, wood cladding, plywood, particle board, and other wood materials? Find out in this article from Zaks Render! It’s Possible To Cement Render Over Timber, But It’s A Complex Process Can you render over wood? The short answer is “yes.” […]