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Popular Questions

There are many style of rendering that we do, mostly depending on the client or style of existing home, but nothing is impossible with our many years of experience and expertise. Some examples of our existing styles are; Classic render, Oxide colouring, Trowelled Splatter finish, Render Bag, Old English Style, Granosite – Sandcoate, Wet Wall Plaster Set..

General Questions

How many days after application can I paint render?

The surface can generally be painted with water based paints after 14 days. For oil based paints being applied to a masonry surface, it is necessary to cure the surface for 5 days and then wait for 28 days before applying the paint.

How much does a cement render quote cost?

There is no charge for quoting a job, we are happy to meet with you and discuss the details needed to price the work.

What are the typical trading hours?

Monday to Saturday the general work hours are between 7am-6pm. Weekends may vary depending on council regulations