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Cement Rendering Repairs

Zaks Render tend to large and small cement rendering repairs. We offer affordable prices, professional work with years of experience. We will leave your property with an improved and modern finish. We leave our jobs clean and tidy. We can also assist in all types of repairs or touch-up work no matter how small the job is. Cement render consists of 6 parts clean sharp fine sand, 1 part cement, and 1 part lime. The […]

Cement Render

Cement render is a massive, thick and immovable covering over a building’s substrate. Cement render was first used in Europe hundreds of years ago to coat brick, stone, and mud buildings. Any building constructed of these materials needs a quality cement render over it. Here at Zaks Render, we’re a family-owned business who’s made it our mission to give our customers high-quality cement rendering. Without a well-applied, compatible cement render, your building can decay rapidly. […]

Acrylic Render

Acrylic render is a great investment if you have a home with a brick or concrete exterior wall. It’s created with a specialised acrylic material, and used to provide additional colour, texture, and protection to exterior walls and interior walls built from masonry. Cement rendering has been used on brick, concrete, or even mud houses for centuries, as it helps improve the weather resistance and appearance of exterior walls. A beautiful render finish can help […]

Texture & Granosite Coating

Does your building have some surface defects you wish to hide? Surface defects can make a structure appear less-than-trustworthy. Although your home or commercial property may be structurally sound, a surface defect can turn off potential buyers or prevent you from attracting new, loyal customers to your commercial building. But there is a way to hide those surface defects and give your building a pristine, eye-catching design and appeal with texture and Granosite coatings. Here […]