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Cement Render

Cement Render

Cement render is a massive, thick and immovable covering over a building’s substrate. It was first used in Europe hundreds of years ago to coat brick, stone, and mud buildings. Any building constructed of these materials needs a quality render over it. Here at Zaks Render, we’re a family-owned business who’s made it our mission to give our customers high-quality cement rendering. Without a well-applied, compatible cement render, your building can decay rapidly.

What is cement render?

Cement render is premixed sand and cement with a flat finish, smoothed and sponged to improve the appearance and weather resistance of brick, block and concrete structures. Cement render is not only a science, but it’s also an art. A highly-trained expert needs to thoroughly inspect your building so they can get a render mix that is compatible with your building. Usually, it is applied to a building’s exterior walls, but it can also be applied to interior walls, too.

What is cement render made out of?

Cement render is comprised of different parts of cement, lime, and sand. Your building’s underlying construction will determine the exact cement render formula. At Zaks Render, we’re some of the top renderers in Sydney, and we know exactly how to mix the render for your particular building.

First, a base coat is applied with a sharp, coarse sand mixture. Once it dries, we then apply the top coat. This top coat is finer and will give the exterior walls a smooth finish. We will texture the walls to your specifications, too. For this top coat, it’s imperative that you get a good quality layer of render cement with lime to ensure proper bonding. Lime will also give you an antibacterial effect and will help to avoid render cracking as the top coat dries.

Why is good quality cement rendering important?

It protects the structural integrity of your building. It keeps the elements outside where they belong. A wall with high-quality render applied will block water, harmful UV light, damp, fungus, and wind from your building. Protection from this render will prolong the life and structural integrity of your building.

If cement render is misapplied, applied in poor conditions, or the underlying substrate is damaged, the render will crack and deteriorate. If this happens, rainwater and bugs have a perfect ingress into your home. During the freezing and thawing cycle, the rain will expand and contract within the render, further cracking and damaging it. A failure to repair cracks as they first appear will lead to more costly repairs down the road.

For interior rendering, as the coat dries, it can be painted, or different textures and patterns can be sponged onto the smooth and flat surface. Once all interior render has dried, you can apply wallpaper.

Cement rendering can bring charm and beauty to your building. You can apply it in specific ways to get different looks. Textured finish, coarse, or smooth render walls can add distinct curb appeal to your building or home. And on the inside, cement based render walls add character and an appealing look. So, not only is rendering practical for your building, but it can also add beauty inside and out.

Why should you choose Zaks Render for a cement rendering repair or installation job?

At Zaks Render, we have years of experience in the cement rendering Sydney business. We’re local to Sydney, and we’re familiar with the climate and the building construction in the area to get you the most compatible render for your home. We work with high-quality, acrylic render materials and mixes. When you call us, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting an expertly applied, high-quality render for your building. We only work with the most knowledgeable contractors in the Sydney area.

Don’t leave your cracked render open to the elements. We’ll work with you to get you a high-quality and affordable repair. When you contact us, you’ll get a free, no-obligation quote, and we’ll thoroughly inspect your building so we can formulate the most compatible cement render for you. Give us a call today on 0402 283 119 or fill out the online enquiry form below.

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