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Cement Rendering Repairs

Cement Rendering Repairs

Zaks Render tends to large and small cement rendering repairs. We offer affordable prices, professional work with years of experience. We will leave your property with improved and modern rendered surface finishes. We leave our jobs clean and tidy.

We can also assist in all types of rendering repair work or touch-up work no matter how small the job is.

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Cement rendering is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Cement render consists of 6 parts clean sharp fine sand, 1 part cement, and 1 part lime. The lime makes the render more workable and reduces cracking when the render dries. Any general-purpose cement can be used. Various additives can be added to the mix to increase adhesion. Coarser sand is used in the base layer and slightly finer sand in the top layer. The application process resembles the process for applying paint. To ensure adhesion, the surface to be rendered is initially hosed off to ensure it is free of any dirt and lose particles. Old paint or old render is scraped away.

Call Zaks Render For Cement Rendering Repairs in Sydney

For centuries, architects and construction pros have used cement rendering to improve the appearance and the weather resistance of exterior walls. Brick walls, mud, and concrete houses are given a distinct appearance with a quality cement rendering job. But was your existing render misapplied? If you’re experiencing cracks in your building’s exterior walls, you need to call a professional for a cement rendering repair job ASAP.

What causes cracks in cement rendering?

Cement render is a massive, immovable, and thick, and heavy covering for a building’s substrate. The cement render has no give to it, and can’t move without cracking. So, if the cement render is applied incorrectly, it will shift and break over time and damage the underlying structure.

  • Applying cement render in poor weather conditions can cause cracking over time.
  • Freezing and thawing cycles will crack cement render.
  • Failure to adequately seal junction details leads to cracking.
  • If the underlying building construction is inadequate or has experienced damage, the cement render will start to show signs of wear and tear.
  • What happens if you don’t repair cement rendering?

It’s difficult to determine if the cracks are the primary cause of render failure, or if something else has caused the rendering to crack. Regardless of who or what is the culprit of cement render breaking, it’s imperative that you have it repaired. Not only does cracked cement render look unappealing, but it can also lead to severe structural damage if left untreated.

  • Rainwater and moisture invade the crack.
  • Water will create a freeze/thaw cycle within the cement render, damaging it further.
  • Cement render can erode over time and damage the building substrate.

How can Zaks Render help?

Here at Zaks Render, we pride ourselves on using the highest-quality materials for repairing your cement render with great attention to detrail. We’ll thoroughly inspect your building to determine the most compatible render for you. Our knowledgeable contractors will also texture, colour, and paint your new cement render to your specifications. We fix and work with all manner of EPS board and acrylic render systems, and we’re experienced with commercial and residential buildings alike.

Can you repair or install interior cement render?

Yes. At Zaks Render, we’re highly experienced with interior cement rendering Sydney repairs and installation. Depending on the look you want, we can do fine or coarse, textured or smooth, natural, pigmented, or painted cement rendering.

At Zaks Render, we’re a family-owned business, and we pride ourselves on giving you the best and most affordable rendering repair service in Sydney. No rendering projects are too big or small, and we service small, single-family homes all the way to large commercial buildings.

If you are looking for rendered wall repairs in Sydney, look no further! Don’t leave your cracked cement render open to the elements; we’re here to patch your render. Give us a call, and we’ll get you a free, no-obligation quote for high-quality cement rendering services in Sydney.

Don’t hesitate, give us a call today on 0402 283 119 for a free quote or fill out our enquiry form below. Get your smooth or textured render repaired now! We offer various rendering offerings such as concrete repairs.

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