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Concrete Render

Concrete Render

If you’re interested in adding a unique look to your brick or cement walls, concrete rendering from Zaks Render is a great choice.

We offer the best concrete rendering services in Sydney. We pride ourselves on having years of experience, and we specialise in unique plaster finishes on rendering jobs, such as Venetian plaster and Japanese plasters. We’re experts with all types of renders!

How Is Concrete Render Applied?

Here are the details about the concrete rendering process we use at Zaks Render!

  1. Prepare the surface to be rendered – First, you need to prepare the surface that is going to be rendered. Using a broom, the flat surface is brushed, ensuring that it’s free of dust and debris.
  1. Apply the render – The first coat of render should be applied to the cement base. Cement render typically requires only 1 coat.
  1. Flatten out the render – After the render dries for about 30 minutes, a flat edge is used to ensure that the render is completely smooth and flat over the cement base.
  1. Float and fill – Next, a float is used to fill in small hollows and other areas that may have been missed by the initial top coat of render.
  1. Sponge the wall for a perfect finish – A damp sponge is used to smooth out the render, allowing for a picture-perfect finish on interior or exterior walls.
  1. Cleanup of edges and vents – If there are edges and vents with excess render, a straight edge, and a small cutting tool can be used to remove any render that is hanging over these edges. Then, the sponge can be used to finish the area, and ensure that there is no excess material.
  1. Painting and finishing – Concrete render can be painted to the color of your choice. However, you usually must let the render finish dry for at least 28 days before you paint. The render must be completely dry before it can be treated with any kind of paint.


Need Help With Concrete Rendering in Sydney? Contact Us Today!

Concrete render can be hard to apply on your own if you’ve never done it before, it requires high quality work, patience, and attention to detail. So if you are interested in updating your home or business’ facade, contact Zaks Render for professional cement rendering servicehouse rendering, and acrylic rendering Sydney wide.

For cost-effectiveness and quality workmanship, choose Zaks Render, the leading rendering company in Sydney. We specialise in rendered concrete using the finest pre mixed rendering materials. With expertise in rendering projects, we offer excellent customer service.

Our professional team can provide a competitive quote for your project based on the total area needing render. We work efficiently to minimise overall cost to render your property while providing high quality results.

The render itself is a durable mixture of sand and cement that will stand the test of time without cracking or chipping. You can expect a long lasting finish that will not easily crack over time.

We can help you select appealing colour schemes to really make your property stand out with a fresh rendered facade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is concrete rendering?

Concrete rendering is the process of applying a cement-based mixture containing cement, lime, and sand over brick, concrete block, or other masonry surfaces. The render provides a smooth, durable finish and can be textured or painted for decorative effects. Rendering helps level uneven surfaces and protects the underlying structure.


Q: What are the steps involved in applying concrete render?

The main steps are surface preparation, applying the base coat of cement-lime render, smoothing and flattening the render, filling any holes/gaps, sponging for a smooth finish, cleaning edges, and allowing proper drying time before painting or sealing. Proper technique is required for best results.


Q: Why should I hire a professional like Zaks Render for house rendering in Sydney?

House rendering requires specialised skills and experience to be done properly. Professionals like Zaks Render have the right tools and techniques to prepare surfaces, mix and apply render, achieve the desired finish textures, and handle tricky areas around vents or edges of a home. They can advise on best practices for your specific residential project and prevent amateur mistakes. Their experience also allows for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.