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Texture & Granosite Coating

Texture & Granosite Coating

Does your building have some surface defects you wish to hide? Surface defects can make a structure appear less-than-trustworthy. Although your home or commercial property may be structurally sound, a surface defect can turn off potential buyers or prevent you from attracting new, loyal customers to your commercial building.

But there is a way to hide those surface defects and give your building a pristine, eye-catching design and appeal with texture and Granosite coatings. Here at Zaks Render, we’ve assisted hundreds of property owners in the Sydney area with their building and construction needs. One of our most popular services is our texture and Granosite coating service. We offer an array of Granosite products that will be sure to meet your needs and preferences.

Texture & Granosite Coating by Zaks Render

What is a texture and Granosite coating?

In the 1950s, the Australian company Granosite created the first texture coating system that was pre-mixed by hand and then sprayed onto the building. The techniques the company used and the types of material Granosite applied set the bar high in the building and construction industry.

Granosite texture coatings offer an array of benefits for residential and industrial buildings alike.

  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Long-lasting
  • Cost-effectiveness

Texture & Granosite Coating by Zaks Render


What’s the difference between render, paint, and Granosite?

In most cases, a brick or a block substrate needs a sand and cement render layer over it to create a smooth, and uniform surface before it can be coated and textured. Granosite texture is an acrylic finish that is applied over a smooth substrate.

Granosite texture is applied to give long-lasting protection to the underlying structure, and also to provide it with a decorative appearance. Paint does not have a high enough film build to protect the underlying substrate. Plus, paint can’t readily hide surface defects, and it won’t last nearly as long as Granosite. In fact, your Granosite texture will last much longer than industry and real estate trends. You’ll probably need to update the colour and texture of your Granosite to keep up with buyer preferences long before it ever wears out.

Our Granosite products and texture finishes are guaranteed to last up to 20 years. When you call Zaks Render for a no-obligation quote, we’ll provide you with an array of colour schemes and Granosite texture finishes to choose from. We also provide various type of rendering services from cement to a. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you choose us to apply a Granosite texture finish to your building. Contact us today for your no-obligation, highly-detailed, free quote! Call 0402 283 119 or fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.