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What Paint To Use For Cement Render

Cement render is such a great addition to any house, it improves the appearance and it also protects the underlying substructure from the decaying qualities of the outside elements. Just like any surface, making your house look great is important.

Working out what paint to use for cement render can be a bit of a challenge, there are a few things to take into consideration. In this article, I will take you through some of the options you have available!

When should you start painting?

After the final coat for the cement render has been applied, many people ask “how long should I wait before I can paint rendered walls?” It honestly depends on what kind of paint you want to use. If your aim is to use water based paint then two weeks is the suggested amount of time to wait.

If however you want to use oil based paint, especially on a masonry surface than it is absolutely necessary to cure the surface for at least 5 days. After the surface has cured, waiting another 4 weeks is ideal before painting.

What type of paint should you use on concrete render?

Choosing a colour scheme that works well with the textural quality of rendered walls is crucial to getting the most out of your upcoming painting job.  Another thing to remain mindful of is that rendered walls differ vastly from one and other. This is what separates painting a rendered wall to any other type of exterior painting.

It is important to make sure the paint you wish to use is compatible with rendered walls. Many paints simply won’t work with concrete render as they can start peeling and flaking off.

What paint to use for cement render | Zaks Render Sydney

How should you go about painting rendered walls?

It is also recommended that before putting paint to wall that the consistency of the wall is suitable for the new application of paint. Because water is utilised in the formation of Concrete render, painting prematurely while the wall is still damp walls can create a host of problems down the line.

Cracking, flaking and mould are less than desirable outcomes of painting rendered walls that simply aren’t ready to be painted. Concrete rendered walls also require up to three coats of sealer before painting can even commence. You can use either a brush or a roller to apply the paint. The most important part of painting the walls is that you paint from different angles. This is to make sure it looks consistent and professional from all angles.

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