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What’s The Difference Between Cement Render And Plaster?

If you’re interested in having cement render applied to your home or building, you may be wondering what the difference is between plastering and the application of cement render. There are many similarities between the two, so this subject can be quite confusing.

So, in this article, the team at Zaks Render will help you understand the differences between cement render and plaster.

Interiors Are Plastered, Exteriors Are Rendered

This is the key difference. Interiors are usually finished using plaster, while exteriors use cement render. While the basic composition of both render and plaster are fairly similar – a combination of cement, sand, water and sometimes  – the actual products are quite dissimilar.

Finer sand is used for a smooth finish in plaster, and usually less sand is used overall. When applied to a flat surface, plaster is extremely smooth, so it’s perfect for interiors.

Cement rendering involves a much higher proportion of sand for additional strength. The sand is also usually much more coarse, which helps increase the strength of the cement render. Render finish is, correspondingly, a bit more rough and “rustic.” It’s ideal for exteriors – but the rougher appearance is not appropriate for most interiors.

Cement Render Is Made Specifically For High Strength And Weather Resistance

The other major difference between render and plaster is that most premixed renders come with special compounds and polymers which enhance their strength and water resistance. These additives also usually help the render resist chipping and cracking from impacts.

Because plaster is not exposed to exterior conditions, these additives are not present in interior plastering products.

What’s The Difference Between Cement Render And Plaster? - Zaks Render

What Are The Benefits Of Cement Render?

So, should you use cement render to renovate your home? Applying render to your home can have a number of great benefits. If you have a home with stone or brick walls, cement render is a great way to restore its appearance if the underlying structure has become weathered or unsightly.

There are also a huge number of different finishes available. From smoother render that uses fine sand, to render with exposed pebbles and coarse sand, as well as other styles, you can always find a cement render that will make your home look beautiful.

Cement render is also extremely durable and tough, and can help protect the underlying building structure from the elements, when properly applied. It’s waterproof and fire-resistant, and it provides another layer of insulation – which could help lower your energy bills.

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